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Mar 4, 2015

We don't need another shopping mall!

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Posted by: kimba

With a new shopping mall called Mall Of Split that is raising (and slowly being finished) from the construction area on the edge of my city, I can only say - We don't need another hero shopping mall! People are too poor here, and aside from the usual shopping craze during holidays I don't know why it should bring anything new, except more space and more (some already seen) shops. I mean, won't the same shops that are already present in other malls in my city be also present in this mall as well? And besides we have already too many shopping malls in the area (City Center One, Joker, SM Kastela, Kaufland, the Super Konzums)... Why we need yet another shopping mall?

If it were a new promising factory (which will help lower our raising unemployment rate and our fallen economy) that will be constructed on this site, I would have no word against that, for it is something that is literally killed in Croatia!

But since this is not the case, I say - let's go back to good old shopping in the good old city centre, where the shops are BTW slowly closing down because of phenomenons like this one!