I'm using computers since 1983, and in that year I wrote my first program for C. BASIC. That is, I didn't use computers just for games, but I also used to program and used many programs as well. So far I've used the following OS (and computers):

Wth MS Office I'm working since MS Word 2.0, but before using MS Excel 3.0 I've used Quattro Pro 3.01. I've created my first presentation in 1996 with Powerpoint 95, and I'm using databases since 1994 (before using Access 97 I've been using the dBase III Plus).

I've been using Adobe Photoshop since the Photoshop 5.0, but before it I was using Paint Shop Pro.

Thanks to a friend of mine named Ante Jelusic (JohnKeats) who has helped me a lot with the Internet, I went online for the first time in October 1996 (on Telnet), and besides IE 3 and Netscape Navigator 2.0 for browsing the Web I used Lynx on the Telnet. For browsing the web I'm mostly using Mozilla Firefox, and it has been 15+ years already (since its version 2.0).

The first connection speed I've ever used was 28Kbps (28000 bps) on a v.34 modem (so that you can see how "old" I am). Back then the other available commercial Internet connections (like HiNet, IBM or GlobalNet) were very expensive here in Croatia, and so for a "poor" student like me my only window to the world were 10 nodes on 2 legendary phone numbers 561-155 & 364-259 located in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture here in Split, because they costed like a regular local phone call.

I remember well how slow the browsing of the web it was, and I remember well that sometimes I was dialing those 2 numbers for up to 2,5 hours until I finally heard the modem on the other side of the line... and then suddenly, as a pure bad luck, somebody from in home would innocently pick up the phone and thus instantly disconnect me from the 'Net... aarghhh!! >:O

I've created my first (personal) webpage in December 1996, and so far I've made many websites. My first web-editor was Namo WebEditor 2.0, after which followed Microsoft FrontPage 98, Macromedia Dreamweaver 7 and Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. And, of course, now I'm on CMS (in particular CMS Made Simple and Joomla).