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Jan 27, 2015

My "boîte noire"

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Posted by: kimba

Over time several sounding names have accumulated in my mind, and they have found their residence there like a virus, although I can't figure out or remember where I have heard about them or found them. I can't explain why, but they emerge from memory in random situations and on random occasions, especially if I'm doing something (thanks to their interesting-sounding nature), and when it does, again I have no clue what does that particular name mean. But I'm sure that it has probably been a decade that they exist in my memory, if not longer than that.

As if it was from my own personal "black box", I've decided to write them down, hoping that I didn't miss any of them, and to finally figure what they mean by searching about them on the Net, just like the great Marcel Proust searched for his "lost time":

Chichester Clam - This sounds to me as if I heard it on TV, and after a short search it was revealed that it really is, and that his full name is J. Chichester Clam and that it is a character from one of the episodes of the Jeeves and Wooster TV series. In particular it is the episode "Lady Florence Craye Arrives in New York", and he is "American tycoon in Joy in the Morning, managing director of the Clam Line who comes to Steeple Bumpleigh to consummate a secret business deal with Lord Worplesdon". Jeeves and Wooster... now that is something that I haven't watched for quite a while... another fine one!

Chick Corea - Unlike I though it is a she, this appears to be a male "American jazz and fusion pianist, keyboardist, and composer", according to Wikipedia. What I found interesting is that he colaborated with great names like Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock or Bobby McFerrin! I loved listening to Stan Getz, it's maybe that I picked his name somewhere around his works. I must look for a "Best of" or something similar.

Ruggero Deodato - I don't know where I bumped into him - according to Wiki, he is an actor and director from Italy "best known for directing violent and gory horror films". But I don't think that I've ever seen one of his movies, as I don't like to watch violent and gory films (especially the horror ones). The only exception is that I've watched the Hostel (part one) a long time ago with a friend of mine, and in its sequel Hostel: Part 2 Deodato had a short appearance.

Conciergerie - I know what a concierge is, but the name Conciergerie lurked in my mind long time before I really visited Paris and seen it in person. I've perhaps heard of it or seen it on a postcard or similar. It is a former prison, "part of the former royal palace, the Palais de la Cité", and in it "hundreds of prisoners during the French Revolution were taken from the Conciergerie to be executed on the guillotine at a number of locations around Paris"...

Trottinette - This is the name that I somehow (I'm not sure why) associated with the cars of the 1930s (for example BMW Dixi or BMW 320), however it is the french name for a kick scooter. I don't know how these two things can relate, but it is an interesting find anyway.

Cademartori - I've seen the trucks driven by local people carrying this name here in my town. I think that it were white letters on a light-blue background on that truck. It might have been Paula Cademartori, but something else cought my look, and that is the website of a Milan-based dairy company. The logo is the same as it was on those trucks, so this is it!

Huguenots - This is the least known term for me. According to Wiki, huguenots were "an ethno-religious group descended from 16th and 17th century Protestant Reformed Church of France. Historically, 'Huguenots' were French Protestants inspired by the writings of John Calvin in the 1530s, who became known by that originally derisive designation by the end of the 16th century."