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Mar 3, 2015

My and Eric's blog

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Posted by: kimba

And now for something completely different...

Actually, not compeletely different, but it's something in a very similar vein... Recently I was wondering what happened with Eric Idle of the Monty Pythons, if he got (re)tired of everything that he was doing in the past and then I found this:

I was very amazed... Of course, today everyone has a homepage, and I didn't expect that I wouldn't find Eric's, but what I found was a very pleasant surprise.

I have read with curiosity about his timeline (from his "first appearance" in the Harton Hospital to the latest "Spamalot" events), and for his "Auto Biography" I asked myself why I didn't think of something like this before. Very nice and very personal.

And then I found the Blog section...

One could say that I created my blog and my homepage inspired by his one, but even if the blog dates go back to October 2011, it was only recently that I found it, even if on that first post Eric wrote: "This blog is about me. It’s not interactive. It has no message board. It’s not about Monty Python, or The Rutles. It’s not about you. You cannot contact me, you cannot post replies, there is no interactive Chat Room, and I won’t even know you’ve been here."

I also have no idea who and how many of you have been here... maybe even Eric stumbled upon this site, I don't know. But if you did, I'm glad you did! Maybe I will add a contact form in the future, but until then, stay tuned for more of my posts!

And you Eric, write when(ever) you find time, I'm looking forward to your future blog entries and I'll be hanging around your blog every now and then!